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「魅力的なココロ カラダ この世でONLY ONE」


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  • Sala Kurokawa

    Sala Kurokawa started her career as a singer-songwriter playing in junior high school. She debuted with her first EP "On My Piano" in 2015. In 2016, she released her second album "Prelude". The 7-inch record of "AllNight (T-Groove Remix)/" by T-Groove became a hot topic. In the same year, She provided the commercial song "Peace" for JA mutual aid. and in November 2019, "Bootycall," a powerful depiction of women's emotions, became a word-of-mouth hit and was used as the ending theme for ABEMA's news reality show "Abema Prime," She has been attracting attention as a singer-songwriter of the next generation.

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