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Have you noticed that music is played during penalty corners and when a goal is scored during a hockey game? This is very rare in the Japanese sports world.

However, in the past, different music was used depending on the venue, and in some cases, no music was played at all.

The 2024 season is the "first year of hockey reform." The original support song for the Japan Hockey League has been born.

Rock musician Daisuke Chiba has provided two songs.

"Who I Am" will be played before the game, as well as during the game, and "Tatakai oeta Yuusyatachiyo" will be played after the game.

This song was created with the cooperation of a total of 34 musicians who support hockey, led by Daisuke Chiba.

Please come to the venue, enjoy the speed of hockey, and listen to the original support song for the Japan Hockey League. I'm sure it will add new ways to enjoy the game.

*Excerpt from the official website of the Hockey Japan League (HJL)

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    This rock unit was formed in 2015 by musicians and artists who gather at the rock bar Shibuya GABIGABI. The members vary depending on the theme of the songs and the band's activities are irregular, but they hold an event called the Message Project every December, where a large group of people sing songs with powerful messages.

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