1. Under the moon, with you (Tsukiyo ni Anata to)
  2. Amber Color (Ameiro)
  3. tattoo
  4. The heart (Mannaka)
  5. The first letter
  6. midnight lullaby
  7. blue
  8. NOW

"ME" Released on Apr.8th 2018.

I haven't sang since 2011 because I decided to go on hiatus about 6 years ago. After exploring different cultures, experiencing many life changing things, and facing challenges, I found myself, my soul, yearning to sing again.

It felt like the path I wanted to walk down was, in fact, the path I walked away from. I wanted let my soul dance amongst the words my heart poured out! My songs have completely changed after a 6 year jorney of life. Songs that express my life, love, and motherhood.

In 2018, I turned 30 years old and it's kind of an affection time for me and I wish to share "ME" with all of you. Hope you all will enjoy my new music and will wait for an English and possibly other language versions! Thank you all for your support on my new journey!


MAWARY -Ayaka Mawarida- Singing with piano for love and freedom. Used to sing anywhere like livehouse in Tokyo, on the street in Yokohama, campsite for shelters from big earthquake, church or office in Philippines and Mexico, and donated profits to whom I met in the world when I was at college. And at that time, used to work at the day-care center for street children in Mexico city for some months in every year. After 6 years away from music, I came back to sing for living my own life. Now I am single parent with two kids, with a lot of helping from everything and everyone around us. It's time for singing for the world again. This is my life!

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