Mastering Investment through Music Front Cover


Trading Strategies


Knowing when to buy and when to sell" is crucial, you know

Because you won't make a profit unless you buy low and sell high, right?

So, when you're trading, make sure to check the stock charts

It's never "I checked yesterday, so I don't need to today."

Right before you trade, there might be a huge surge or plummet

Not only is there one trading strategy

There's also something called the dollar-cost averaging method

It's about consistently buying with the same amount of money over time

You buy more when prices are low and less when they're high

Averaging your purchase price is its feature

No need to fret over every rise and fall of stock prices

In the world of investment where calm judgment is required, this is crucial

If you're wondering, "What's the right trading strategy for me?" considering your lifestyle and investment strategy might be good

Like, "This could work even with my job, household chores, or parenting."

Investment could be a longer commitment than a job

So, choose a strategy that's sustainable for you

  • Lyricist

    Hiroyo Morita

  • Composer

    Hiroyo Morita

Mastering Investment through Music Front Cover

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    Become an Investor Thinking About the Future of the Earth


Learn the basics of stock investment through music. Created with the AI service ' Suno ', this album aims to be your gateway to the world of investing.