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MUSIC Osamu's song 'Rain, Fantasy, and Me' has been released. This song is a work that expresses the sweet and bittersweet story of youth drawn by MUSIC Osamu. The boy in the song symbolizes emotions that many young people experience and relate to during their youth. The image of a young man and woman happily frolicking together in the chorus is an event that occurs in the boy's imagination; in reality, he is unable to invite anyone out or confess his feelings, and is alone in his delusions and fantasies. It represents a person spending a dream-like time inside. This song realistically depicts the conflicts and regrets faced by young people, as well as the sense of helplessness and sadness in the face of a reality that cannot be changed, and is sure to deeply move the listener by arousing empathy. MUSIC Osamu's emotional singing voice and the song's beautiful melody combine to deliver a message that etches the passion and conflict of youth into your heart. Enter the world of sweet and heartrending stories of youth with beautiful images of rain.

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    Hello, my name is Osamu MUSIC. The activity base is Hiroshima. Born in 1981. As a singer-songwriter, I love to sing original songs with my acoustic guitar and blues harp. He started his solo activities in April 2022, and every day he sings live on Instagram, etc., and blogs, and sings on the street or at live houses. I love to compose and sing songs, and I am working every day with the dream of reaching the hearts of my loved ones and many people. By all means, I would be happy if you could support me. Thank you. [Activity details] Posted a morning live broadcast and blog article on Instagram, and posted the same content on Twitter. YouTube is uploaded from time to time when the sound source is made. The official website has blog articles, various SNS links, original song lyrics & chords, activity information, etc.

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