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Another story written by sasakure.UK to commemorate 10 years since the release of the song "Negaposi*Continues".

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iTunes Store • Anime TOP SONGS • Australia • TOP 1 • 27 Jun 2023 iTunes Store • Anime TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 5 • 30 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • New Zealand • TOP 7 • 14 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • Finland • TOP 9 • 11 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • Greece • TOP 10 • 18 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • El Salvador • TOP 34 • 28 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • Switzerland • TOP 93 • 1 Jul 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • Portugal • TOP 97 • 15 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • Viet Nam • TOP 141 • 9 Jul 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • Netherlands • TOP 186 • 23 Dec 2023

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Spotify • 君が生きてなくてよかった • 14 Jun 2023 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 5 Jun 2023

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  • sasakure.UK

    Born in Fukushima on February 11th, sasakure.UK is an all-round sound producer that writes, composes and arranges. During his childhood, under the very harsh rule of "One hour of game-playing a day!", sasakure.UK was greatly influenced by 8-bit/16-bit game music. While joining a male chorus in his school days, he met the works of composers, poets and writers such as Makiko Kinoshita, Akira Miyoshi, Shinpei Kusano and Nankichi Niimi and began his own musical activities. A while after releasing original instrumental music on his own website, he was inspired by VOCALOID vocal synthesizers represented by "Hatsune Miku" and began song-writing. As he uploaded these songs on a video-sharing website, he immediately became famous for his highly literary works. Like a fable inherited over time, his lyrics that capture various messages are woven into a story; his deep, warm but pop sound is constructed by elaborate, advanced techniques. sasakure.UK has established his one-and-only musicality through the fusion of these two elements. In addition to producing artwork and videos based on the concept of his works, he produces the band "UK Rampage" which was formed to expand his musical expression, supervises games that uses his music as its motif and more. He is highly acclaimed for his multi-talent, and is continuing to create collaborative works with creators in various genres.

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