One Love

  1. One Love

I am RASEN8 , the Sacred singer-songwriter from Okinawa.

My life, you and everyone, is miraculously in love.
This life, inherited from a distant ancestor, was born on this earth.If someone were missing in the course of the life relay, I and your life would not have existed.

I sang a miracle and love for my life.
RASEN8's 2nd single "One Love"

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One Love

iTunes Store • ワールド トップソング • 日本 • 34位 • 2019年11月20日


Okinawa-born the Sacred singer-songwriter RASEN8 ·Started RASEN8 in Okinawa prefecture in September 2015. ·In March 2018, Tokyo will move its base to Tokyo. ·October 2019 CD release of the first single, "Hifumiyoimunayakoto" 19November 2019 release of single "HIFUMIYOIMUNAYAKOTO"and "ONE LOVE" in the same month

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