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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 34 • 6 May 2024

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    Centered around the savage darkness of female lust and love, vocalist Mio, affectionately known as "Mio-ler" by her adoring teenage fans, speaks truth from the collective feminine hearts, whilst at the same time; her lyrics tease and bully that of men. Their second single "Noise", is famously used as the opening track of the 2017 anime "Jigoku-Shyoujo" (Hell-girl). MIOYAMAZAKI also supplied the music for the famous smartphone app, "Majiyami-Kanojjo" (Super Sick girlfriend), the app, to date totaling 4 million downloads and the world's first attempt, 2minute twitter series, "Sono -ai-okane-de-kaimashita" (I bought that love). In April 2017, Mio Yamazaki performed to an audience of over 3000 people, performing live at the "Hibiya-Yagai-Ongaku-dou" (Hibiya outdoor music theatre) and In July 2018 they performed to an audience of over 5000 people, performing live at the "Pacifico-Yokohama".

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