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On February 23rd, MIYUMIYU (Miyu Takeuchi) is set to release her highly anticipated debut single, "Memoirs" .
This song showcases her diverse talents as she has personally undertaken the tasks of writing lyrics, composing, performing, singing, recording, and even producing the video.

With a unique background as a former member of AKB48 and having pursued music in Korea, she is taking a bold new step in her career as a musician.

"Memoirs" draws inspiration from her accumulated experiences, focusing on the theme of life's constant changes and transitions. The song is crafted with the intention of helping individuals find their own sources of motivation and light. Despite its simple piano-acoustic arrangement, the track emanates a transparent and impactful vocal delivery, featuring lyrics that reflect her perspective on life. The sound is a rich blend of emotions, incorporating elements of jazz, Showa-era ballads, and classical music.

Additionally, the song gained widespread attention and acclaim both domestically and internationally when it was featured on the popular show "PRODUCE48" in Japan and South Korea.

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    MIYUMIYU(Miyu Takeuchi) MIYUMIYU is a Japanese singer, songwriter and creator, taking on various roles in the creative process, including songwriting, composition, arrangement, visuals, and artwork. Her journey began as a former idol, where she not only engaged in idol activities but also independently explored the realms of songwriting, composition, arrangement, and DTM during her high school years.In 2013, she took a significant step by establishing her personal YouTube channel. At that time, she focused on creating cover videos, prominently featuring songs from AKB48, the group to which she was affiliated.Following her graduation from the idol group, MIYUMIYU showcased her determination by personally negotiating with a Korean agency. This led to her relocation to Korea, where she laid the foundation for her solo music career. info :

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