Arukuyouni, kataruyouni

  1. Kimi to waratte yuku (Acoustic ver.)
  2. Kimi no machi (Live at KOFU CONVICTION, Yamanashi, 2018)
  3. Machi akari no bousou (Live at KOFU CONVICTION, Yamanashi, 2018)

The fourth single E.P. by Kokoroneko, featuring mainly acoustic arrangements, has been released.

The album contains seven songs, including the theme song for the "Neko Shoku Dogen" event held in Kofu City, "Kimi to waratteyuku", a song of support for the creators, and the live soundtrack from their one-man live in December 2018.
The streaming version will include a special delivery of three songs in total: "Kimi to waratteyuku" and two one-man live recordings.
The 7-song CD is available for purchase at the venue.


-kokoroneko- Kokoroneko is japanese rock band.

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