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The first "GREEN LABS RECORDS" release launched by the top-selling CBD domestic brand Dr. GREEN LABS.

NORIKIYO, D.O, and GOMA. will release a new single "TOKYO DIESEL" on June 30, 2023.

This work is a tribute to the original strain "TOKYO DIESEL" that Dr. GREEN LABS has been developing since this summer in an attempt to challenge the next generation genre of medical cannabis dispensary.

As of late June, NORIKIYO, who is currently serving a prison sentence for illegal possession of marijuana for medical purposes, poignantly expresses his sarcasm toward society as a rapper, saying, "Even if I'm caged behind isolation walls for a few years, I'm like a holier-than-thou who slips through a screen door," and GOMA, who works with Dr. GREEN LABS, says, "Revolutionaries who have gone wild attack. Tears and Pain: Purple Rain hitting the concrete to wash away" and "Diesel as fuel for past wounds, mistakes, and hustlers' anguish and feelings". And D.O., one of the leading rappers in Tokyo, throws a punch line based on his own experience, "Decide for yourself, good or bad, the world is yours," which in a sense is the biggest theme in life.

Recorded at 9SARI STUDIO and MO HARD STUDIO, the song will finally be released to the Japanese scene.

The music video for the song will be released on GREEN LABS RECORDS' YouTube channel on the day of the distribution release, and Dr. GREEN LABS' new product "TOKYO DIESEL," which is the basis of the song, will also be released soon, so heads should not miss it. This is a development that heads should not miss.

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