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Japanese idol group "esreal" 3-month consecutive release project!
The third song, "Love Nanoni"
Digital Release on December 22, 2023!!

esreal delivers love with an exciting and catchy digital sound!!

Instead of overthinking,
It would be great if everyone could just sing along happily.
After all, this is a love song for you!!

Artist Profile

  • esreal

    "Esreal" is a coined term combining "Es" (representing instinctive impulses in the realm of the unconscious) and "Real" (meaning "royal" in Spanish)! As the name suggests, we aim to become a traditional idol group filled with energy and smiles that move the hearts of everyone. The group consists of five members: Izumi Iori, Shiozaki Reia, Mochizuki Rin, Ichinose kae, and Takamoto Kotone.

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