Untitled (16FLIP Remix)

  1. Untitled (16FLIP Remix)

Untitled (16FLIP Remix) / TAMU

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Untitled (16FLIP Remix)



16FLIP is a Beat Maker / DJ from the city of Tokyo, also known as ISSUGI from the iconic Hip Hop group "MONJU", where people acclaim him as one of the kingpin's of the Japanese Hip-Hop scene. As 16FLIP, his interest in making beats started in the early 00's. Inspired by Boom Bap but yet in-tuned with the current sounds, his raw & flavorful beats has been spreading all across Japan, and gradually reaching out to the world... In 2006, him and the members from MONJU started their independent label "DOGEAR RECORDS", where they have been releasing countless amounts of original work, and setting the standards to a higher level for the Japanese Hip-hop Culture. Since the launch of the label, 16FLIP has been working non-stop, consistently releasing new projects and collaborating with crewmates, one being BUDAMUNK on the "DUSTY AMP" instrumental album, to making beats for Japanese heavyweight such as 5LACK, SENNINSHO, KID FRESINO... And working with American artists such as EVIDENCE, ROC MARCIANO, DJ DEZ, KHRYSIS for his other group SICK TEAM. Everyone knows that 16FLIP/ISSUGI is a dedicated veteran in the Japanese scene and definitely a savior for the Underground Hip Hop culture. For more info: https://soundcloud.com/16flip http://issugi.tokyo/disco/16flip

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