1. moonlight
  2. circus
  3. penguin
  4. jellyfish
  5. echo
  6. zookeeper's waltz
  7. pacman + piranhas
  8. bills hills breakdown
  9. evolution
  10. (inside or outside of) cage

The sound of the acoustic guitar that is the characteristic of the guitar plus me, the magical arrangement and chorus work as it is, the work is the beach boys album "PET SOUNDS" and the song of Simon & Garfunkle A world covered with a mysterious tone that resembles the soft psychedelic feeling of the 1960s, such as "at the zoo". The lyrics that various animals such as giant elephants, whales, goats, penguins, piranhas and jellyfish appear sadly and pleasantly, contrary to their beautiful melodies and naive singing voices, "humans are also animals, It is the most strange creature, and the end of the worship principle and the irony of the Shiozawa style that satirically satired the globalism.

the guitar plus me

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