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After trying to "push the envelope," the author realized, "I can't do anything by myself after all. In the end, I couldn't do anything by myself.
She realized that she could not do anything alone after all. This song is a reminder of that.
With the piano striking the same note in rapid succession, the other friends (Gt, Bs, Dr) change the scenery and the colors unfold. 2019 version!

Included in the first compilation album by three Japanese female keyboardists, "Ikejiri-ke x SHOKO solo project "Sonicscape" x Marie Fukai," which was released on CD in 2019 to great acclaim.

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    A husband and wife unit consisting of Harunosuke Ikejiri (Ba) and Yoshiko Ikejiri (Key). Their music is characterized by progressive rock and metal. Harunosuke's music is based on a Japanese atmosphere and melody, while Kiko's melody has progressive elements and a sense of tranquility. They have completely different personalities, but they create their own world by playing in harmony as a couple.

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