THE COLONY Pt.2: Renatus Eve

  1. Neve / the Ember of Fate
  2. Kolossus Rising
  3. The New Dawn

名作「THE COLONY」の続編にして完結編!
浪花の光速ドラマーKegoiによる、6年ぶりのNew EP!

1. Neve/the Ember of Fate
(Music: ReN / Kegoi)
ReN - Guitar
MOHiBO -Bass
Shoko Nagasaki - Keyboards
Kegoi - Drums

2. Kolossus Rising
(Music: Kegoi / ReN)
Mamoru Nishimura - Guitar
Yasuaki Mito - Bass
Hideyuki Okada - Keyboards
Kegoi - Drums

3. The New Dawn
(Music: DARL / Kegoi)
(Lyrics: Kegoi)
Yuka Kameda - Voices
Kotaro Fujii - Guitar
Aine Itsuki - Keyboards
Kegoi - Drums & Voices

Producer & Director: Kegoi
Co-producer: ReN
Recording Engineer: Pon
Mix & Mastering: Shingo Nakamura
Sound Advisor: Neo
Artwork: Asuka


THE FLASH FROM THE FAR EAST --- Keigo Takada, a.k.a Kegoi is a multi-instrumentalist, master drummer, composer, and published author. He started his career as a rock-ribbed metal drummer and later on expanded his musical vocabulary to interact and improvise. Kegoi developed versatility through working with many musical masters, such as Kai Kurosawa, ISAO, Kiyomi Otaka, Thomas Lang, Daniel Rosenboom to name a few. He has released solo CDs, an instructional book and 2 instructional DVDs that are best sellers in West Japan. Clinics and workshops as well as session work keeps him busy throughout the calendar year. His memorable personality and sharp drumming is an audience favorite and is often refereed to as "the Flash".


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