Protocol 1008

  1. Raging billows
  2. Drastic effect
  3. Samai drumsolo
  4. Light bringer
  5. New world order
  6. 9 beats drumsolo
  7. Mukhtar
  8. Skit tabla
  9. Rakkas drumsolo
  10. Darbuka solo
  11. Raging billows (short version)
  12. Rakkas drumsolo (short version)

Darbuka Player TAKSEEMA 1st solo album[Ptocol 1008].the music for bellydance drum solo


TAKSEEMA Japanese Darbuka and Arabic percussion player . starts playing the piano and many kind of percussion from a young age.while traveling the world, saw the darbuka in Turkey and started playing it at the age of university student in London. after going back to Japan, joined [Tablakwaiesa ] which is the first Arabic percussion band in Japan as one of the main darbuka player in 2010. also formed [ArbaaTabbaliin]in 2013 which is consisted of four Japanese percussionists and the original first MIX CD[Counter Culture]was released in 2015. studied Egyptian playing style darbuka under Hany Morgan from Egypt, and turkish Suat Borazan from Turkey. ​ ‣ Performance and Music Experience • Egyptian Turkish style playing • playing many kind of arabic percussion such as Darbuka, Dohola, Daf, Req • performing at Japan - mostly Tokyo,Nagoya, Osaka,Fukuoka, and Korea Seoul .Teach • st the music studio (darbuka) • at the bellydance studio in Tokyo,Nagano,Nagoya,Gunma, Kagawa,Fukui prefecture,Japan (Darbuka,Arabic Rhythm Lecture) •Shibuya University as a part time instructer (Arabic Rhythm music and the culture) .Performance .performing at Tokyo Iftifaal in shibuya which is one of the biggest bellydance festival in Japan (2012,2013,2015 ) .Burring Man Japan in Yamanashi , Japan (2012) .Raquy Danziger from Turkey live concert in Aoyama, Japan (2013) .Arbaa Tabbaliin the first CD [Counterculture]release live concert in Tokyo (2015) .Tourist EXPO 2016 in Tokyo organized by Egypt tourist Bureau. (2016) .Sincia International Bellydance Festival in Korea, Seoul (2016,2017,2018) .performing at the embassy of Qatar,Turkey,Jordan,Egypt (2010-2017) .Arbaa Tabbaliin LIVE TOUR 2018 in Nagoya, Kochi, Kagawa,Osaka,Kyoto,Toyama,Nagano,Kanazawa, Tokyo , Japan (2018)

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