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When I Do Fall Asleep


土曜日の夜の 照らされた月は

燻らせた煙で 霞んで映ってた

記憶を紐解いて あの頃の景色

同じような空に 息を吐いていた

When I Do Fall Asleep

When I Do Fall Asleep





When I Do Fall Asleep

When I Do Fall Asleep

砕け散った 夢のかけら

いつの日にか 再び会う時まで

  • Lyricist

    Yasuyuki Ota

  • Composer

    Yasuyuki Ota

  • Producer

    Makoto Gomi

The Third Place Front Cover

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Our Answer - The sound of the future woven by different generations. Hybrid shoegaze music to show the world. The Tokyo-based shoegaze band Nuit released their 1st full album, produced by Makoto Gomi (sphere, ZEPPET STORE), based on 90's shoegaze with a guitar approach using modern effects. The approach to the sound gives it a unique depth and breadth, and the strong rhythms reminiscent of Madchester are fused with a unique blend of old and new. The band has created a one-of-a-kind hybrid shoegaze sound that mixes the old and the new. The sweet, lustrous voice and superb melody line will grab the listener's heart and not let go. This is an ambitious work of shoegaze pop that symbolizes a new era.

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  • Nuit

    Nuit is the combined efforts of yasuyuki ota (Vo) yusuke mizumura (Ba) shay sawyer lin (Gt) The band was initially formed by vocalist and lyricist yasuyuki ota in 2015. Juxtaposing lush, dramatic vocals with noisy, grunge-inspired guitar, Nuit is a shoegaze band with universal appeal. Nuit's live performances are filled with energy and aim to entrance the lisner's ears with an amalgamation of noise and beauty. In 2018, the band had its first debut show outside of Japan, in Taiwan.

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