Beaux pays

  1. Andaluza
  2. Grand Duo Concertant (Sonata) A-dur op.85 1 Allegro maestoso
  3. Grand Duo Concertant (Sonata) A-dur op.85 2 Andante molto sostenuto
  4. Grand Duo Concertant (Grand Sonata) A-dur op.85 3 Scherzo vivace
  5. Grand Duo Concertant (Grand Sonata) op.85 4 Allegretto espressivo
  6. Fantasy on themes from Bellini's "Il Pirata" op.337
  7. Entr'acte
  8. 5 pieces pour flute et guitar op.113, 1 Le Moineau
  9. 5 pieces pour flute et guitar op.113, 2 La fete des filles
  10. 5 pieces pour flute et guitar op.113, 3 Mon beaux pays natal
  11. 5 pieces pour flute et guitar op.113, 4 Les contes du Japon
  12. 5 pieces pour flute et guitar op.113, 5 Cache-cache a deux
  13. 3 virtuoso Flamenco Studies, 1 Improvisando - Flamenco - a piacere
  14. 3 virtuoso Flamenco Studies, 2 Quasi Tona y Sequiriya
  15. 3 virtuoso Flamenco Studies, 3 A la Rumba gitana
  16. Cavatina from (From the Movie "The Deer Hunter")

Wakana Tatezumi (Flute), Javier García Moreno (Guitar)

E. Granados : Andaluza (Danza Española No.5)
M. Giuliani : Grand Duo Concertanto (Grand Sonata) op.85
F. Carull : Fantasy on themes from Bellini's "Il Pirata" op.337
J. Ibert : Entr'acte
H. Arakawa : 5 Pieces pour flute et guitar op.113
K. Zgraja : 3 Virtuoso Flamenco Studies
S. Myers : Cavatina from "The Deer Hunter"

Recording : Centro Civico Hall (Herradura-Spain) March 2018

Wakana Tatezumi

She graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and High School, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and graduated from the graduate school master course. Received a "Ataka Prize" during undergraduate studies. After graduation studying in Vienna, studied under Prof. Wolfgang Schulz who was the head of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Hall galleries, NHK western music audition etc, and frequently appeared in recommendation concerts, "NHK-FM recital", NHK-BS music program "serenade", "serenade in Takayama". 1999 Concert, Artist, Guild Competition (New York) Semifinalist. In addition to activities as soloists such as recital at Tsuda Hall, Suntory Hall Small Hall, etc., she is developing a wide variety of performances such as performing classical music such as orchestra, chamber music, flute ensemble, studio recording of popular music . She has also been focusing on backwards guidance, such as writing a one-point lesson of the 1997 Band Journal magazine for a year and doing clinics in various places. She also serves as a judge for the Japan Wind Instruments Association Brass band contest, the Japan Classical Music Competition and others. In 2006, he released Duo concert live CD "Intermezzo" with Ms. Risako Hayakawa of Harp and received good reputation. Kurashiki Sakuyo University, Young Junior College Music School Instructor Worked until March 2008. 2013 CD "Four Seasons potpourri" released. Co-starring piano: Ikumi Nakayama, flute: Junko Wakamatsu In 2015 Linares-Spain "Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition" 2nd prize in the division of the ensemble performance. Performed with Javier Garcia Moreno of guitar at the "Andres Segovia International Guitar Festival" in Linares-Spain in 2016. She was a judge of the competition division. Currently, Tokyo New City Orchestra Flute player.

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