Water Beads on the Lotus Leaves

  1. Water Beads on the Lotus Leaves (feat. Hitomi Nakamura, Ko Ishikawa & Mami Tsunoda)
  2. The Cries of Ducks from the Fields of Yamada (feat. Hitomi Nakamura, Ko Ishikawa & Mami Tsunoda)
  3. Growing Up -Takekurabe- (feat. Ko Ishikawa & Mami Tsunoda)

This CD contains the gagaku (court music) that TOMOE SHIZUNE composed for three collaborative performances of recitation, gagaku, and dance given in the summer of 2017 at three different venues in Tokyo with support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The pieces are titled "Museki isshi, in the oshiki mode" (Traces of a Dream on a Single Sheet), "The Sea Dwellers, in the banshiki mode" (from Robert Lax's "The Hill"), and "Doyo, in the ichikotsu mode" (Seasonal Changes). And the music performances were by the gagaku group Chitose Trio.
These performances came about as a result of an encounter between the Butoh dancer Sanae Kagaya and the reciter Joep Dorren while the Chitose Trio was on tour in Europe in 2016. These performances also served as a touchstone for performances of "kitan; A Season's Tale," to be given in Europe in 2019.
Butoh dancing was performed by the TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO Butoh dance company, directed by TOMOE SHIZUNE, and featured Sanae Kagaya of the same company.
The reciter Joep Dorren, based in the Netherlands, is active mostly in Europe. While having a strong connection with the Wandelweiser Group of composers and performers, he has also developed his own style of vocalization. Among the texts he seeks out for reciting are those by the Noh playwright Motokiyo Zeami (1363-1443) and the poet Basho Matsuo (1644-1694). He thus displays a deep knowledge of Japanese culture.


Butoh dancer / Choreographer / Director / Guitarist / Composer / President of a Butoh Company "TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO" Tomoe Shizune started activities as a musician in 1972, and has produced a number of excellent works as a composer. Tomoe was highly applauded as genius by then- Yoshizawa Motoharu (deceased in 1998 at the age of 67), a contrabass player who was also known as a pioneer of the musical improvisation in Japan, and formed a duo group. Tomoe has collaborated with many artists, musicians and performers in Japan and overseas. 1984: Tomoe becomes a disciple of Hijikata Tatsumi. TOMOE, a successor who directly inherited the Butoh of the founder Hijikata Tatsumi, has succeeded in establishing TOMOE BUTOH method, which is an only compilation of Butoh techniques, by having repeated reviews in a careful and precise manner on the Butoh style of Hijikata Tatsumi from its fundamental through a numerous number of various performances. 1989: Grand Prix Award for "A Woman Nestled in The Wind" at the 1st Ikebukuro Theater Festival. Between 1990 - 95, Tomoe was responsible for choreography for Madam Butterfly Opéra National de Lyon in France. In 1991, he was a Butoh choreographer for a NHK opera performance "The Magic Flute". Tomoe directed Zhu Wen Elopes with the Ghost, a co-operated performance with Gang-A-Tsui Theater (a traditional Taiwanese stage performance group), which received the Performing Arts Award of Taishin Arts Awards in 2007, This work was highly applauded at FESTIVAL DE L'IMAGINAIRE (L'Opéra de la Bastille in France) in 2010. In 2012, Tomoe released a collaboration art-music DVD titled as "Landscape on the Way to Sleep" with Yook Keun Byung, a Korean artist. In 2016, an invitation was received for a research program on physical expression called "BodyCostitution", which was held in Wrocław, Poland - a capital of European culture.

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