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We will release the 2nd digital single "Black Fairytale".
This song is a sequel of the popular song what was release about 6years ago.

That girl kicked off glass shoes,and run after her true dream.

You will be satisfied with the after story of "Eternal Dream".

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Black Fairytale

iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 1 • 3 Oct 2021 iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 2 Oct 2021 iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 2 • 3 Oct 2021 iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Canada • TOP 88 • 26 Apr 2022

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    "Beautiful melodies for you, our noble clans..." CROSS VEIN is a Japanese symphonic metal band with songstress JULIA. We call a venue "theater" and attract you to one and only world view with beautiful, melodic, and heavy sounds certainly.  After being founded in February 2008, we released our debut album "Birth of Romance" in 2012(released from Black-listed Records). Guitarist MASUMI joined in 2013, then he and (ex-bandmate)Yoshi compose and Vocalist JULIA write lyrics for all the songs of CROSS VEIN. We released  the single CD "Profusion" in 2013.(released from Black-listed Records). After we had made our major debut from Victor Entertainment, we released the single CD "Maid of Lorraine" in 2014, the 2nd album "Royal Eternity" in 2015(released from  Victor Entertainment). CROSS VEIN transferred to ZENO RECORDS that was established from HIZAKI(Versailles/Jupiter). We released the single CD "The Revival" in 2017, the 3rd album "Gate of Fantasia" was born from this label in 2018. But the 3rd album had bungled to change more conservative sounds because of changing direction of the album. So we had engineer Hiro (from STUDIO PRISONER) again, because we used to record many satisfied songs with him(Ex.Birth of Romance/Profusion). And we released the single CD "TRUE CASTLE" in 2019. The sound had quite a lot of impact and that was so heavy. Then we decided to become independent of ZENO RECORDS.  After that we released the single CD "Beautiful Warrior" in 2020, and we released the 4th album "Life of Veins" which reminds us of the view of the world like our first album in 2021. This album got a high evaluation, so we were much more confident. But after we released, Guitar(and composer)Yoshi left CROSS VEIN, because he was satisfied completely for activity of this band. The remaining members had thought about a breakup for CROSS VEIN a little bit. But We(JULIA, MASUMI, KeiTaro, ZARY) made a decision to continue our activities. Needless to say, taking over our original.

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