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The second single for ZEN-LA-ROCK's 25th anniversary! The G-Funk tasteful "Tonight is Classics" is released to color the end of summer! Produced by our ally grooveman Spot!

Following last month's release of "Continu wa PARTY" (with a stunning music video by Studio Ishi), ZEN-LA-ROCK has already released "Tonight is Classics," the second single to mark the 25th anniversary of the band's activities.

Produced by grooveman Spot, a close friend of ZEN-LA-ROCK who has produced such masterpieces as "ICE ICE BABY" and "NEW JACK UR BODY," the song combines a funk beat with the "G" feel that grooveman Spot is known for, with the "night" sound of ZEN-LA-ROCK, which has matured through their activities as FNCY. ROCK's "night" lyricism, which is perfect for the end of summer.

Supporting artists include KASHIF on guitar, Kick a Show and rising star Sagiri Sól on vocals.

According to ZEN-LA-ROCK, "I worked on this song with a wide age range of artists: Sagiri Sól in her 20s, Kick a Show in his 30s, and myself, KASHIF, and Koji (grooveman Spot) in their 40s. I am deeply moved by the fact that I am now able to enjoy creating music with artists who are so different in age that it would not be out of place for them to be parents and children. In recent years, in addition to my activities as FNCY, I have been interacting more with young people through DJ work and NEMES pop-ups. I think it will be a truly "classic" song for young people and people of the same generation to close out the summer of 2023, and I hope many people will listen to it.

Ishi, a song that will be a "classic" song for the summer of 2023, which was a very hot year.

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