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OHL's 4th Single, titled "Periodt.", is a mid-tempo R&B number that continues the world of GEN, following their previous release "Addictive Luv". It combines a poppy melody inspired by the 90s music scene with poignant lyrics, depicting the inner turmoil of a man who struggles to put an end to an addictive, unresolved love.

The song was written and composed by the members themselves, with GEN handling the lyrics and GEN, KANNA, and SHURU working on the composition.
Additionally, producer RYUJA, known for his work with BTS, among others, once again participated in the production.
The recording took place at TOKYO SOUND STUDIO, and the jacket design was done by designer Suzuki Tsukasa.

Furthermore, it has been decided to release music for three consecutive weeks. Apart from this release, please also look forward to "SENSUAL" and "Change Ma Life".

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  • OHL

    OHL = ONE HUNDRED LIMINAL [ a.k.a. ONELIMI ] --- is a unique "company x music unit" where the members themselves handle all aspects of management and production. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, their planned activities were completely canceled. In order to sustain the group, the youngest member GEN have established their own talent agency called "OHL Inc." with six other members. And, they deliver lots of music filled with real passion to rise from "zero".

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