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A new song by Mari Kamichika that you want to listen to while relaxing. This is an unusual composition, devoid of chord instruments. It is created with an overdubbing of basses, drums, and vocals. Hiroshi Eguchi, a bassist and known all over the world, plays the four-string fretless bass and the six-string bass. Chicco Soma, a great drummer, plays the drums, conga and triangle. Although it is a simple composition rendered by only three people, it is imbued with a deep and rich sound.

Vocals: Mari Kamichika
Basses: Hiroshi Eguchi
Drums,Percussions: Chicco Soma
Engineer:Hulk Ito
Recorded at Studio DoraPara

Lyrics&Music: Mari Kamichika

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  • Mari Kamichika

    Mari is a singer-songwriter who has a powerful singing voice in blues. As well as original songs, she sings B, Pop, Soul, R&B and Jazz. She was also appearing as assistant DJ the last friday of every month on "Twilight Avenue 767" of Konosu FM-Radio for 12years. She has also sang for some TV commercial songs. In addition, she regularly performs live of various venues in TOKYO and performed several of my own CDs.

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