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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Russian Federation • TOP 1 • 27 Feb 2024

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Spotify • アイドルポップ:ジャパン • 2 Mar 2024

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  • Mayu Yoshikawa

    Started idol activities as a member of the local Akita group pramo from junior high school. After auditioning in February 2017, he became a founding member of Up Up Girls (2). With a distinctive vocal called marshmallow voice, 170 cm style, and trademark ponytail, he has been leading the group as the ace of Apga (2) from the beginning. As the activity continues, the expressiveness of the song soars. He has grown as a vocalist who can convey cuteness, suppleness, and coolness. On March 20, 2022, the solo song "Koi Ai", which he wrote the lyrics for, was released for distribution. And, the one-man live of Up Up Girls(2) "Up Up Girls (2)Spring Tour-2022 is the year of Niki!" Held at CLUB CITTA'on May 22nd! final! ~ "And graduated from the group. It was decided to take a new step as a solo artist.

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