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    BIG-RE-MAN HIPHOP Pegasus Corps based in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. 5 members. All classmates. Biography Formed in 2004 2015 Released 1st ALBUM "Chin Chin Chin Chin" after 11 years of LIVE activities 2016 10inch vinyl "BUDDHA GORILLA FLOW" released from real neco records 2017 Invited MACKA-CHIN, grooveman Spot, Arμ-2 and released the 2nd ALBUM "World Peace". Live at AbemaMix SAT in 2018. On the same day, the regular event "SLAM DANKE" was held at Shibuya clubaisa. In 2018, released a collaboration album "Shiko" with Green Assassin Dollar. 2019 Released 7inch vinyl "LADY" in collaboration with JAZZYSPORT MORIOKA. Also released "Sonosakiha" on 7inc vinyl. In 2020, he became the personality of "BIG-RE-MAN's Extra Radio" at the local radio station Radio Morioka. In 2021, the distributed song "Summer Tune" will be featured in "Miko-chan, a Japanese-language rapper." In July 2022, three ALBUMs will be released simultaneously. "Woman The Island" with the theme of women, "BUILD UP" which contains songs produced by the local Hanamaki town revitalization project, and "Korikake no Radio" which is a collection of songs produced for their radio program. has a concept in

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