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"Hoshi no Namida" is a song incorporating the Japanese tradition of Kagura and protects our hometown, listed as a World Heritage site.

Incorporating a delicate and bold arrangement by the composer Komorita Minoru.

The song will be sung by Princess KAGURA Japan, composed of 13 female members with our message to the world!

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  • Princess KAGURA Japan

    2022 commemorates the fifth anniversary of Munakata and Okinoshima areas registered as World Heritage Sites. A new idol group that showcases Japanese cultural and environmental issues are SDGs! Their debut song is the original song "The Tears of the Stars" written by Komorita Minoru, the composer of SMAP's famous song "Lion Heart". Sound, Dance, and Action sung in four languages freely and perform various exciting moves, and send a new message to the world with performances that incorporate Japanese traditions and kagura. We want to support Munakata and Okinoshima and related heritage sites! We are Princess KAGURA Japan!!

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