1. Kaleidoscope

There are many traditional Japanese songs hiddenin this song.
As the "Kaleidoscope" name suggests, the material represents a new beauty in the work.
And, it is a special music playing method of voice-only loop multi-recording that plays it.
Please try a new sense of The "Samurai loop music".


Waccha is the mouth artist. He create various rhythm sounds with his voice and breath. He express his own world "Waccha's color" by organic sounds and a lyrical sense of Japan. This is "solo art" project. Loop multi-recording, Which is all made of sounds from his mouth, shows "Waccha's artistic mind". 2014~19 Japan Expo (France) 2017 Hyper Japan (UK) 2018 JPMN (Switzerland) 2018 Games Con ME (UAE)

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