aitch and emz

  1. Mind Complex (feat. Oz Noy & Ole Mathisen)
  2. Allen Street (feat. Evan Marien)
  3. Daniel (feat. Ole Mathisen & Isamu McGregor)
  4. Christopher! (feat. Oz Noy, Ole Mathisen & Evan Marien)
  5. aitch and emz (feat. Isamu McGregor & Ole Mathisen)

"Great Band, Great Songs"- Oz Noy./"Outstanding Musicians!"- Mike Marciano(Grammy Winner).

Tomo Hasebe

Composer, Drummer. He just recorded his debut album with Oz Noy, Ole Mathisen, Evan Marien, Isamu McGregor in NY, which was highly applauded by many of music icons. The album will be officially out in January 2019. The single-cut tune "Christopher!" is available now! You can also check the studio-session movie of this song via the YouTube link!

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