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A UK based Japanese singer, Naomi Suzuki is sending a message love and peace. And Naomi encourages people all over the world to overcome the pandemic. 2020 is the year we will never forget. We will survive if we take care each other and do what we should do. Remember!! We will never give up!! This the second single with Neil Palmer who is the producer of 'Harder and Faster" hit No1 position for "Kings of spins".

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    Naomi Suzuki is one of the most well known Japanese singer in the UK. Naomi performs a special blend of UK dance, chill out and J-pop at various big event in the UK. Not only has Naomi hit #12 on the UK dance chart but also reached #14 in the US radio charts with her band AJ Unity and is active in both Europe and the US. Naomi also works as an actress in film and TV, is a PR ambassador for her hometown of Tagawa in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and is well known for her charity single and ongoing fundraising activities in support of the victims of the Japanese Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster. As a presenrer, Naomi is most well known for her radio show "Naomi's London Calling" where she mainly presents about life in London as well as broadcasting support for the Japan tsunami victims. It has been broadcasted for seven FM radio stations in Japan. Having chaired the largest Japanese festival in the UK, Japan Matsuri, for 7 years, Naomi is also a reputable events host and has worked with Matsutake Kabuki and NHK broadcasting amongst others.

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