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A fun song written and composed by Playing Manager Paipai Dekami. Beni Usakura is in charge of the choreography, and it is full of apocalypse-like glue born from chats in the dressing room.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • United Kingdom • TOP 2 • 19 Apr 2021

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    APOKALIPPPS was formed in August 2017, mainly by Marina Nishii, who gained popularity as a member of NAMAHAMU TO YAKIUDON and fried udon, and later participated in ZOC (METAMUSE), and acted as a group consisting of seven people. Three members will graduate from the group in 2022, and the past five years have been completed as the first chapter. Chapter 2 will start with four people: Nishii, Erika-chan Baby, Yuri Hirano (ex TAKENOKO), and Yurapiko (BAKURETSU JYOSHI). It features a stage where unique members express various tunes in a fun and bright way.

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