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A fun song written and composed by Playing Manager Paipai Dekami. Beni Usakura is in charge of the choreography, and it is full of apocalypse-like glue born from chats in the dressing room.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • United Kingdom • TOP 2 • 19 Apr 2021

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    Manina Nishii (ex-member of NAMAHAMU TO YAKIUDON, who later joined ZOC) formed APOKALIPPPS with Pai Pai Dekami, Ciffon (You'll melt more!), Beni Usakura (AVANDONED). They debuted in August 2017. Three months after the formation, the new member audition is conducted, and the three performers, Marin Kanatsuka, Miara Nakase, and Erika-Chang-Baby, become a member of seven members. Each member participates in parallel while playing an active part as an individual and a group, respectively. In November 2018, Ciffon left the group, and in September 2019, Marin graduated, but in October 2019 Yuri Hirano and Aiuemashiko joined.Miara Nakase withdrew in April 2021. In November 2021, Yurapiko, ex-BURST GIRL, participated, and it became a 7-member group for the third time.The members are well-connected, all are well-talked, and the liveliness of endless laughter is characterized.

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