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*<What is the song [Now and Forever]? >
Inspired by image from the lunar orbiting satellite "Kaguya" (English name: SELENE) launched by the Japanese Space Agency JAXA in September 2007.
I wrote this after being impressed by the video and photos of "Earth Rise, the beautiful blue earth rising from the horizon of the moon".

After five years, "Now and Forever" English Version, which was released five years ago with Japanese singing, has been released.
As I have evolved and grown, I have translated the song into English by myself and sung it in English.
I hope sharing with people around the world a "worldview that realizes harmony with the earth and mutual understanding among humans".

The melody line is beautiful and powerful, and the movement of the notes is well-defined, giving courage and emotion.
The sound is a pleasant vintage sound reminiscent of the 1990s and the reverberation of the guitar.
The arrangement is a gorgeous arrangement that evokes the traditional "magnificent universe".
In addition, the sounds of traditional Japanese instruments are made using a synthesizer.
As the artist's own identity, "the sound of the koto-Japanese Harp", "the sound of the shakuhachi", "small Japanese drums called tsuzumi".
Three types of Japanese traditional musical instruments above with distinctive tones, are abundantly scattered like decorations.
It has a unique finish.

The world of the lyrics goes beyond "mere romantic feelings between a man and a woman"
and uses the universe and galaxies as motifs.
In addition, the song uses words such as "quantum entanglement" and "zero point field", which are the mysteries of "quantum mechanics" and "Buddhism", to sing about a free and expansive world.


*<What is "Earth Rise"? >
This is the title of the video of "The beautiful blue earth rising from the desert horizon of the gray moon", which people on earth who have entered the space age could only see by becoming astronauts.
When we, living on Earth, look up at the sky and "look up at the sun," we say "Sun Rise."
Seen from space and from aliens outside the Earth, the Earth rises in a beautiful blue color, and the Earth floats.
Seeing such wonderful images makes me want to preserve our beautiful Earth for future generations.
The song "Now and Forever" was created after seeing the "Earth Rise video" sent to Earth by the artificial satellite "KAGUYA" launched by JAXA.
Both Japanese and English lyrics subtitles are included in the short video.
Let's enjoy it together!

From SpaceWind
With love


*<Short Bio>
Japanese female solo singer-songwriter who is an Independent Artist.

Started learning to play the piano at the age of 5.
Major in English at university, but spend three years learning how to write lyrics and compose music
under direct guidance from Japan's top-selling pop music producer.

At the same time, performs piano and sings in hotels and pubs.
Over 20 years of experience in the music and film production industry.
A former manager of the intellectual property department at AVEX, an independent Japanese music and film production company.
After suffering from a "psychogenic functional dysphonia that causes the loss of voice when singing",
SpaceWind plunged into the field of "brain psychology" and became an expert.
Currently, SpaceWind is developing her music activities as an independent artist mainly on the internet.

Artist Profile

  • SpaceWind

    "SpaceWind" learns piano from age 5 and vocals from age 17. SpaceWind was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20's, so the surface behaved well, but with an internally suppressed emotion grow up. When SpaceWind was a junior high school student, she was impressed by the TV show of the "Grammy Award Ceremony". "There is an energy in the music that in an instant it encourages and changes to the positive, even the heart of people with negative emotions!" And she decided to be a music artist. Currently working as an indipendent artist, mainly in Tokyo, as an expert in psychology and vocal methods. Music Worldview: A singer-songwriter who specializes in ballad songs that sing beautiful melodies and impressively with magnificent arrangements. SpaceWind is a female artist whose main point is the ballad by the arrangement that goes up in the second half of the music. At the same time, she sings up-tempo pop songs in a gorgeous arrangement. A singer-songwriter who sings "love, dream and hope" with the theme "the universe and the soul" which beyond the mere love story between men and women.

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