1. Introduction
  2. Entrance
  3. Information
  4. Tut-ankh-amen
  5. Anubis
  6. Resource Room
  7. Moon Phase
  8. Clock Room
  9. Tropical Greenhouse Dome
  10. Banana Tree
  11. Carnival Tools
  12. Epiphyllum
  13. Ganesha
  14. Inner Court
  15. Aquarium
  16. Giant Circular Aquarium
  17. Approach Run
  18. Show Time
  19. Underwater Escalator
  20. Movie Room
  21. Science Museum
  22. Observatory
  23. Moon Phase (Piano Version)
  24. Fossil
  25. Starry Sky

Ironnamono Mitemawarou ...

There is a museum like a castle. There is a signboard at the entrance and a mural of God Anubis welcomes you. If you go further, you will find a clock room, a plant room, an aquarium, and a planetarium.

A drama-based music collection with a museum theme, featuring pianos, hand pans, percussion instruments, and ethnic instruments.

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iTunes Store • エレクトロニック トップアルバム • 日本 • 3位 • 2020年8月4日


Started composition in 1997. Performed as a vocal and manipulator at live events such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Akasaka. In recent years, I have been in charge of stage music, sound and operators. My specialty genre is electronica & ambient. My aunt is a cartoonist. I like beer and sake, shrines and cats.

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