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Music for you who want to relax.
Music for you who want to be healed.
Music to help you fall asleep.

Music for you who want to contemplate.
Music for you who want to take action.
Music for you to accept yourself as you are,
and music for you to be gentle.

Artist Profile

  • happo

    Nice to meet you! My name is Happo. I distribute original instrumental music for guitar, piano, music box, accordion, etc. My music is mainly for relaxing and working. It can be used in various scenes of your life, such as when you want to relax, calm down, concentrate, jog or walk, drive, do housework, or go to sleep. You are also welcome to use them as background music for your videos or exhibitions! All songs are acoustically designed so that they do not interfere with your thinking, working, or conversation. Of course, you are welcome to listen to them as they are! Thank you for visiting.

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