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This is the "paranoia sound"! SATOKI's new music, the first full album packed with everything. A self-confidence work in which the emotions, thoughts, and cries expressed by Girl S pierce your mind.

Artist Profile

  • Shoujo-S

    Born in Okinawa Prefecture. After many years of band activities, started as a solo artist in February 2019. As a leader of a new music called "paranoia sound", songs that use shout and growl around V-type rock are attractive while combining unique sensitivity and music even in hard and melodic songs. Making use of the knowledge and experience gained through band activities, it will be performed live with music that does not belong to any genre. In particular, there are many powerful songs such as intense headbang, two-step, and mosh during live performances, and there is no doubt that the sense of unity in the venue will be a habit. Even after debuting as a solo artist, he has been engaged in a wide range of activities, including the songwriting and composition of songs, as well as the arrangement, artwork, and design.

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