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dototo. series A

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dototo[noun] : sound's dot
This sound's dot is put together, and a sound image is formed.
If there are two spekers, we usually can express the sound image.
If there are plural speakers, it expands sound image.
Related terms:
dototo per speaker [dps] is density of sound image.
for acousmatic music

Artist Profile

  • Masatsune YOSHIO

    Masatsune Yoshio (1972- ) was born in Kobe. He is a composer and Media Master No. 75. His specialty is the composition of fine art pieces using computers and the compositions are based on the creation of and research regarding algorithmic compositions, acoustic synthesizing, live electronics, and expression with information technologies. His electroacoustic pieces were performed within and outside of Japan. He is an associate professor at Showa University of Music.

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