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On April 8th, in the 6th year of Reiwa, the third installment of JP Funk Brothers features the highly acclaimed Arthur Kuroda once again, collaborating with producer Yoshihiro Ishikawa for "Seeking the Blue Bird (feat. Arthur Kuroda)", which was a big hit last time. It's a worldwide simultaneous release! The song is an original piece by Yoshihiro Ishikawa and Harumi. George Takai on guitar, Hiroaki Idaka on piano, and Turbo Saito on bass provide solid support! It's an upbeat and cheerful tune to lift your spirits. Immerse yourself in Arthur Kuroda's world.

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Aoitori wo Sagashite

iTunes Store • Kayokyoku TOP SONGS • United States • TOP 1 • 8 Apr 2024 iTunes Store • Kayokyoku TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 5 • 8 Apr 2024

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