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KATAYAMA Keiji (Keiji Katayama) Best Full Album
Enjoy his overwhelmingly heartwarming singing voice!
He has written songs for many famous artists including Zhang Gakuyu "Ichijou Yunyi", "LINDA", Aki Yashiro, Nobuteru Maeda (TUBE), Mari Hamada, and many others (see profiles below).
This is the quintessence of singer-songwriter Keiji Katayama!

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    Singer/songwriter, singer, composer Real name : KEIJI KATAYAMA Birthplace : Osaka, Japan Hobby : Eating and walking Full member of Japan Music Copyright Association In 1984, he made his major debut with a solo album "ODESSA FILE" from Polystar. Supporting members at that time included Takahiro Matsumoto of B'Z. In 1986, he formed BLUEW and released four singles and four albums from Toshiba EMI. They also appeared on "Yoru no Hit Studio" and other TV programs. From this time on, he provided songs to famous artists such as Mari Hamada and TUBE's Nobuteru Maeda (solo album). He also produced an original album for anime voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi. His song "Linda" written and composed by Keiji Katayama was covered by Hong Kong's Four Heavenly Kings, Zhang Xueyu, and became a big hit in China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. Later, "Ichi jou yu nie" - Japanese title of the song "I can't cry, love song for you" - which was provided to TUBE Maeda, was also covered by Cheung Gak-yu and became a big hit. It continues to be covered again by young artists such as Fei Wanhai and Zhou Jie Lun as a national song with great popularity in the local market. Since 1990, she has participated as a vocalist in many commercial songs and animation songs for Coca-Cola, Toyota, and other companies. His hair mist commercial "Don't cry, branch hairs" was well received in various fields. She also sang for the Chiba Lotte Marines baseball team's cheering song "Will Love Marines" at that time. In 1994, he formed SPAED with Satoshi Hirose (44 Magnum), Masayoshi Yamashita (Loudness), and Eric Zay. Released two singles and three albums on Nippon Columbia. In 2008, he joined Cassiopeia Yoshihiro Naruse Solo Acoustic Unit as a guest vocalist. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, sang national solo at the opening ceremony of the Koto Seaside Marathon. 2019, Major Debut 35th Anniversary Concert at Toyosu Civic Center Hall. 2020, Aki Yashiro 50th anniversary single "Watashiuta", lyrics, music and arrangement. (Information Live Myaneya ending theme)

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