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The 3rd single of the music unit "Tokyo Beethoven" by art director Tetsuya Chihara (Lemon Life) and DJ/producer Tomoyuki Tanaka (FPM), was created by J-WAVE "SHIBUYA DESIGN," and features the radio show's navigator Chiharu Muto on vocals. Lyrics were written by Atsushi Yanaka from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

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Yureteta Buranko

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 6 • 17 Oct 2020 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 74 • 17 Oct 2020 iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Russian Federation • TOP 82 • 22 Oct 2020 iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 137 • 17 Oct 2020

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Yureteta Buranko

Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 27 Oct 2020

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    Tokyo Beethoven is the musical unit of Tetsuya Chihara (art director / Lemon Life) and Tomoyuki Tanaka (DJ, producer / FPM). They debuted on March 4, 2020 with a 7-inch record "Colorful Tokyo / Uchuu wa Taihen Da", featuring Momo from Charan-Po-Rantan as a guest vocalist. It is expected to be released in the future with a project that is not only limited to music but also catchy visual and topical.

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