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A song with the theme of "A song with a stylish chord progression that I have never created before" as an entry song for the Zerokara Compilation "Challenge''. Based on the chorus phrase, Do You Wanna Dance?, that suddenly came to mind, I started writing the song on the piano, which is unusual. It was difficult, but perhaps because I started with a different approach than usual, I came up with many ideas for arrangements, and the mix came together beautifully, making it a work I'm proud of. By the way, the guitar solo respects John Mayer who is my favorite artist. The lyrics I wrote as if to escape from my busy daily life are what I want to say as the words are. - Why don't you forget about everything and dance?

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  • Edi.

    Release a single every month in 2024! 2022 Fall, Start of activities 2023 Fall, Start of music release Received Newcomer Award at Zerokara Compilation 2023 "Love Song" The following 6 songs are currently available on subscription. "Your Language" "Demolition" "Cream" "The Moon and Rhetoric" "Whiskey" "Saboten" Producing music with DTM and distributing it through Tunecore. In 2024, I would like to focus on gig!

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