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Moved to Okinawa and worked as an office worker while announcing VLOG on YouTube
Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo, he was an elementary school student who loved music because he had been learning the piano since he was a child.
On the way, I was absent from school and never went to junior high school.
It was rock and pop that supported him, and he started playing the guitar and started composing with MTR and synthesizers.
I started going in and out of live houses when I was 17 years old, and made my CD debut in my 20s, but it ended without sounding and flying.
After that, I started a web production company, but it didn't go well and I'm sleeping, and I'm doing transmission activities while continuing music activities.

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  • narukawakuro

    While moving to Okinawa and working as an office worker, I am announcing the Okinawa migration VLOG on YouTube. Born in Tokyo, he learned the piano from an early age, met a guitar when he was a junior high school student, and started making music using an MTR and synthesizer. After that, I started a company and challenged various things until now

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