1. Lapis:Lazuli

This [Lapis: Lazuli] is a digital tune song that will be the 4th single CD of Saotome Reina.
It is a song that is easy to hear for the first time people who have a sense of speed but also have kindness
[REQUIEM] of CW song has become a rock strong one song and has become a song that feels power
Please listen once by all means because there is a good point that can not be explained in words

Reina Saotome

From Tottori While performing live activities mainly in Kansai He is also a representative of music label Re: IN Shine MUSIC Businessman model singer Not only music activities KBS Kyoto [Nanjakanja investigation team] regular appearance and FM81.4 [day oki friday 814 friday] has expanded the range of activity to various fields such as various media appearances such as personality The appearance and the contrary ROCK sound tune are noted and released in March 2019 We Rock 69 issue The original tune [REQUIEM] is recorded to the omnibus CD of the appendix

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