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MURAKAMI Hanae is releasing her first streaming single "beautiful" at the start of 2022. Supported by a gorgeous arrangement, this beautiful and gentle song portrays what it feels like to be overflowing with love.

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  • Murakami Hanae

    Japanese-born and Tokyo-raised, Murakami Hanae graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design's Department of Fine Arts with a concentration in oil painting. Hanae taught herself art from a young age and only committed to an artistic career when she entered university. Active as a video artist, she made her directorial debut in 2012 with "I Am Missing." Hanae also became a YouTuber in 2020. Starting from 2022, Hanae is branching out into a new direction as a musician with her first streaming single, "beautiful," released at the very beginning of the year. Hanae is a singer-songwriter, a video artist, and a producer of music videos and other projects.

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