Greatest happiness

  1. Greatest happiness

Something that nobody had ever imagine is happening now.
We lost our place to be.
Everyone's life has changed.
But most of you must had challenged something new, tried to do something to make things better.
It's same for us. We thought lots and lots everyday and challenged many things.

To be honest, sometimes I had a hard time because I couldn't hardly sleep, thinking all kinds of things all night long.
But I thought "Why can I do this?". I mean "why do I keep thinking?".
The answer was "rewarding". It's something worth doing.

Under this situation of coronavirus, maybe you saw many sharing of challenge among social media, like to play music together or sing together, making some sweets, filming video what you stay home for and etc...
This kind of sharing was not a thing that happened because of coronavirus pandemic. It's just revealed clearly by this pandemic but this relations of humans existed from before.
Everyone has something special to share to others. Maybe it's your skill, informations, message, kindness, happiness or love.
These are connected in a huge circle including you.

What is happiness?
Yes, it's happy eating something delicious or going where ever you want, but I think the most happiest thing is that to find something rewarding for you.
With that, you can overcome anything and any difficult situation.
No one wants to be tired doing what you don't want to do and also no one wants to be forced to sleep.
This is my answer of "happiness" and this song is about that. My answer may not change in the future.


Formed in 1995 at Suita Osaka. Four piece rock band represent Kansai area. The sounds of PAN are rooted from Rock, Alternative, Punk, Melodic and J-POP, lyrics are passionate and strong but sometimes about ordinary days in unique expression. The most, gigs are strong point of this band, PAN performs over 100 gigs every year and has a deep fans over the country. As their name PAN (which means bread in Japanese), introducing performance in their gig using bread are well-known. If you once see PAN's gig, you'll definitely love it. Recently, PAN also collaborates with major company of food service industry, retail dealer and food manufacturers so they began to be known not just music fans but men and women of all ages. Now PAN are starting to expand overseas.

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