Melancholy - Genki Oomori 2009-2018 BEST Front Cover


rain rain rain (Remasterd 2018)

genki oomori







Rain rain rain 君に借りた本を

Rain rain rain 読みながら







Rain rain rain 君の好きな店を

Rain rain rain 見やりながら


Rain rain 君に会いたいな

Rain rain rain 会いたいな




  • Lyricist

    genki oomori

  • Composer

    genki oomori

Melancholy - Genki Oomori 2009-2018 BEST Front Cover

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Released in 2018, the best album from 2009 to 2018 before and after the dissolution of the band "Zanzow Cafe". A work that covers Genki Oomori's 30s, a trajectory of about 10 years at his own label.

All songs remastered. Many recordings from discontinued works and works that were only available at live venues. In addition, there are new mixes and additional dubbing for several songs.

Risa Okada, Yu Taniguchi, Kengo Watase, Yousuke Adachi

REC: Genki Oomori, Yousuke Adachi
MIX: Genki Oomori, Seiji Isozaki

Genki Omori

Artist Profile

  • genki oomori

    Japanese singer-songwriter / musician, from Tochigi, Japan. In 2002, he made his debut as a vocal guitar composer of the three-piece band "Zanzow Cafe"[Zanzo Cafe](meaning Afterimage Cafe). They were supported by releasing songs that uniquely interpret rock, folk and pop of 60s-70s. They have released 11 albums or mini albums and 1 best album. They appeared in various media such as magazines, TV and radio, and performed gigs in major cities in Japan. After the band disbanded in 2010, he has been active as a solo artist until now. He also formed the alternative country rock band "Hana To Roji" (meaning flowers and alleys) and performed at outdoor festivals such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL and OKINAWA ASIAN MUSIC FESTIVAL as a member of "Taizan Ni Asobu" (meaning playing on Mt.Taishan). In addition, he is engaged in various activities such as various recordings and participation in gigs (for example, Agata Morio), music provision, commercial music, movie music, management of his own label & web shop "OUR LIFE MUSIC".

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