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The band took a hiatus in 2017 and resumed the song production in 2023. During that time, Akira Yotsumoto left the band, and Rega became a three-piece band with three original members: Ryuji Ide on guitar, Takafumi Miyake on drums, and Akinobu Aoki on bass.
In 2023, the band resumed its long-awaited activities and holds their hosting event in November. Tickets were sold out immediately, and a new song "Rainford" is released prior to that show.

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    "Rega" is a Japanese instrumental band which consists of 4 members originally : guitarist Ryuji Ide, bassist Akinobu Aoki, drummer Takafumi Miyake and guitarist Akira Yotsumoto. However, as of 2023, Akira left the band and now they play as a 3-piece band. They hail from Ehime, a south-western part of Japan, and carry on their activities now in Tokyo. Their live performance which expresses rush of their emotions is overwhelming and gains high reputation from audience, industry parties and artists throughout the world. Their music is created out of their each music background such as alternative rock, progressive, funk, post rock, organic groove, punk, jazz, techno, electronica and so on, and their soulful music surpasses such genre. While their songs are composed thoroughly, precisely and carefully, they cast human warmth with the pleasant melody. Their emotional live performance has been drawing attention and have performed at many prominent festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, TAICO CLUB, RUSHBALL, StarFes, BAYCAMP, SYNCHRONICITY, Asagiri JAM, DIESEL XXX and so on.

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