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A pop tune with the theme of love myself. First release after renaming to IZUMI (ex. Izumi Sakaki, Izumi Tachibana).Mastering is Chris Gehringer who works on BTS "Butter" and so on.

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    singer&songwriter.Japan. In 1990, won the Grand Prix at the Sony SD audition "VOICE". In 1992, she made her debut under the name of Izumi Tachibana with the song "Kimi Nara Daidaiyo". A singer-songwriter with a keen sense of language and a lyrical world. Hit songs such as "Shikkaku", "Eternal Puzzle", "Vanilla", and "Monkey Song" are still loved and have many followers. In 1995, he performed at the Budokan, and also performed the one-man play "Vacuum Pack Syndrome" written, directed, composed, and performed by himself, and provided music for Shinichi Mori, Aya Kamijo, Minami Takahashi, and others. In 2006, after getting married, she changed her artist name to "Izumi Sakaki" and continues to release constant albums and live performances. Since 2007, he has been in charge of soundtracks and theme songs for movies and dramas. In December 2019, NHK Minna no Uta "Udon Pan" became popular among children, gaining an increasingly wide range of listeners and continuing his music activities while demonstrating his unparalleled talent. And in August 2020, the new name will be changed to Wa, and the field will be expanded more and more lightly.

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