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6th single "Memoria"
Rity ONEMAN LIVE 2022 on September 30, 2022 Let's start from here again ~A lot has happened since that day~ CD sales will start from the performance. Released for the first time in about 2 years and 11 months.
Includes 3 confident songs packed with the current Rity. All three songs are in different genres, and we want you to fully enjoy the world view of each song.

Artist Profile

  • Rity

    Singer-songwriter from Shimane Prefecture Sing everyday emotions realistically. It features songs that include catchy melodies and lyrics that contain emotions felt in everyday life. Actively appearing in live houses, street live performances, events, etc. release information 2022.09.30 6th single "Memoria" 2019.10.20 5th single "Start Line" 2019.08.31 4th single "Yozorani-mau-hanani" 2019.06.30 3rd single "Tokubetuna-omoide" 2019.04.30 2nd single "Majiwaru-ten" 2017.09.30 1st single "sonzai" 2016.12.24 1st mini album "akashi" Past live information 2022.9.30 ONEMAN LIVE 2022 Let's start again from here ~A lot has happened since that day~ 2019.10.20 ONEMAN LIVE 2019 Start Line ~Everything starts here~

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