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The first new single in about two years, produced by the original members.

This is the first time the four members have gathered in a recording studio to create a new song since 2013's Flower Souls.

The band's sound is centered around an uplifting guitar riff that blows away that nostalgia, and the chorus work that intersects with the vocals adds freshness and color.

A life song that expresses the wish to view the turning points in each person's life in a positive way.

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Spotify • Pluto Selection(Biweekly) • 13 May 2024

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    A rock band from Hokusetsu, Osaka. Formed by junior high school classmates. A pleasant melody is put on the sound that swallows all kinds of music, and the words spelled like memos are like a lover who gently snuggles up to you. The live performance that warmly wraps the audience in a no-frills atmosphere has permeated the hearts of many people. He has been in charge of the ending theme for Osaka Aoyama College's commercial song and TV Tokyo's "Clinic where the doctor can be found". As a live band, it has a good reputation for its live power cultivated on many national tours, and it is a rock band that emphasizes delivering live voices live.

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