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ChalChal's first album.

The songs included are folk songs (local language & Japanese translation) that have been loved for a long time in the Arab and Middle East regions such as Iraq, Arabic translations of the Japanese song "Furusato", and original songs.

The main instruments used are traditional Middle Eastern stringed instruments such as oud, guitar, various percussion, and nay, all unplugged live performances.

It is an ambitious work with an experimental and pop arrangement, such as trying to collaborate with the unit "Gnawa Tokyo" that plays Moroccan Gnawa music.

Raised funds with crowdfunding CAMPFIRE, calling for "Let's make a CD that brings energy with songs to overcome the era of Corona!"

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP ALBUMS • Canada • TOP 74 • 21 Mar 2021 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Germany • TOP 86 • 23 Aug 2023

Chal Chal Alayea El Rumman -Pomegranate Song-

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Jordan • TOP 3 • 28 Dec 2021 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Egypt • TOP 10 • 15 Apr 2022

Lamma Bada Yatathanna

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • United States • TOP 50 • 18 Sep 2021 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Egypt • TOP 51 • 15 Mar 2024

Foug El-Nakhal

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Lebanon • TOP 28 • 24 Mar 2023

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  • ChalChal

    ChalChal mainly sings songs from the Arab and Middle East regions with local lyrics and Japanese translations, and also plays original songs. Some videos of Iraqi folk songs have become a hot topic on Arab SNS and are attracting attention from all over the world. YATCH (Guitar, Vocal): Singer-songwriter from Kesennuma. 2003 Established NGO "PEACE ON" after the peace activity "Human Shield" in the Iraq War. (Real name: Yasuyuki Aizawa) Satoko Ogino (Oud, Vocal): Born in Fukushima Prefecture. Study abroad in Egypt & Tunisia. Lecturer of Oud at the Turkish Cultural Center. 2018 1st album "Satouta" released. Tetsuya Funahara (Percussion): Performing in various genres such as Arab / Turkish music using percussion instruments from South Asia to the Middle East.

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